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Grow, Laugh, Love, Musings on Life & IFS

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Life Therapy and Parts of Us

Hello, I am a counsellor and therapist based in Inner West Sydney (city of my dreams!) A few years ago I came across Internal Family Systems (IFS) which has been one of the best discoveries in my life so far. It offers a perspective and approach to life that is delightful, refreshing, meaningful and helpful.

My blog will cover the kind of things I enjoy reading about :).. life moments, love, personal growth, helpful insights, reflections on challenging experiences, book reviews and fun and useful tips for well-being support and personal development. And I will most definitely be talking about IFS and parts! To go to the IFS section of my website, click here

Who, where, what, why?

Some things to know about me..

📍 Australia..proud Kiwi, grateful Aussie resident

💛 sunshine, Sydney, laughing, connecting, napping, learning, growing as a person

🔥 I highly value my own journey of learning how I can come to (good) terms with all parts of myself!

🔑What is most meaningful for me is being part of facilitating others to get in tune with what drives them enriches them, connects them, challenges them and brings them closer to really embracing and living their lives with a sense of joy and well-being

Until next time..

I hope you find my blog valuable in some way, whether it leads you to laugh, cry, reflect or take action! Stay tuned for more posts..


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