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Why Counselling? Why Psychotherapy?

Is it really necessary?

There are many ways to approach the challenges life throws at us, healthy and not so healthy.  Counselling is usually a more short term approach for a specific issue. Psychotherapy is more of an ongoing or longer process which looks more deeply into what drives us and how we operate in the world as we do.

Typically we do not discover or even recognise  patterns of behaviour or an awareness of our (mostly unconscious) strongly held core beliefs until we are confronted with a challenging life event. Our way of operating in the world is often driven by thoughts, beliefs or ideas that we have not realised. This is completely normal and can happen even when we think we are clear and strong about our beliefs and convictions. 

Counselling & Therapy can help us to:

  •  discover valuable new perspectives on our own lives and experiences

  • navigate particularly difficult time/s or circumstance/s

  • discover and become more connected with our most authentic and true self        

  • learn different ways to respond to certain situations or people 

  • appreciate our unique and valuable individuality

  • live a life that provides us with a greater sense of well-being and joy

  • develop awareness around what our patterns of behaviour are

  • recognise underlying  driving forces that are leading us to behave in certain ways.

About me and my approach

I am Kiwi born and have embraced Australia as my home for the last 14 years as a place that has held a rich journey of personal and spiritual growth and development for me.  

My background in counselling began over fifteen  years ago with telephone counselling and personal development group facilitation work with Youthline NZ. Since then I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Therapy and am engaged in continual professional development. 


I have recently completed further training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) which is an amazing approach that facilitates us to recognise and accept all parts of ourselves. IFS has been shown to be effective at helping a wide variety of conditions, including trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression.

For more information on IFS, click here.

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Counselling Sessions

Leichhardt Counselling & Psychotherapy

Fees: AU$150 per one hour session

Face to Face or Online

Each session, I accompany individuals in their journey to enhance general well being and to clarify a sense of connectedness and direction in their lives. 

My background includes working with clients from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, in a variety of life transition phases.

Issues and difficulties addressed have been related to anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem; domestic violence, grief and loss, compulsive behaviours and relationship challenges.

Rough Patch Affordable Counselling

Fees: Sliding scale from AU$60-90 per 50 minute session

Face to Face or Online 

My availability for face-to-face appointments is limited to times on Saturdays at these discounted rates. Online appointments may be booked for Tuesday-Friday.  

If you are looking for discounted fees on couples therapy or a therapist with a different approach or focus, I also encourage you to check out our website for further information.

Leichhardt Counselling & Psychotherapy and Rough Patch Affordable Counselling operate on Gadigal & Wangal country. We acknowledge the Gadigal & Wangal people as the traditional custodians of the Leichhardt region and that sovereignty never ceded. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.