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Why Counselling? Why Psychotherapy?

Do you ever find yourself doubting? Or unable to connect with others or believe in yourself?

Most of us experience this to varying degrees in our lives. We all experience times when it is beneficial to seek support in navigating life. There are many ways to approach the challenges we face.  We all do the best we can with what we have to find our way through these times. However, sometimes when we find ourselves doubting or unable to connect with our inner wisdom, we need some help connecting to the resources we have. IFS, Internal Family Systems offers a clear pathway to support us to connect with all parts of who we are and allows us to see a clearer picture of what is happening both inside and outside us.  Counselling is usually a more short-term approach for a specific issue.  Psychotherapy is a deeper process which helps us look into what drives us and how we operate in the world as we do.

It is often when we are confronted with a challenging life event that we discover or recognise patterns of behaviour, or develop an awareness of our (mostly unconscious) strongly held core beliefs. Our way of operating in the world is often driven by these thoughts, beliefs or ideas. This is completely normal and can happen even when we think we are clear and strong about our beliefs and convictions and what guides our choices. 

Counselling & Therapy can help us to:

  •  discover valuable new perspectives on our own lives and experiences

  • navigate particularly difficult time/s or circumstance/s       

  • learn different ways to respond to certain situations or people 

  • live a life that provides us with a greater sense of well-being and joy

About Lisa Barrett and her approach

I am Kiwi born and have embraced Australia as my home for the last 14 years as a place that has held a rich journey of personal and spiritual growth and development for me.  

My background in counselling began over fifteen  years ago with telephone counselling and personal development group facilitation work with Youthline NZ. Since then I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Therapy and am engaged in continual professional development. 

Prior work in International Education has deepened my cultural awareness & also given me a greater understanding of the complexities of what people bring to therapy.


Over the past several years, I have been completing ongoing training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) . This is an amazing approach that facilitates us to recognise and accept all parts of ourselves. IFS has been shown to be effective at helping a wide variety of conditions, including trauma, addiction, anxiety, and depression.

For more information on IFS, click here.

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